ASU Award 2010

I’m a professional artist currently living and working in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. I was born in Belfast in 1964 and developed a passion for painting and drawing at a very early age. I studied Fine Art at the University of Ulster and in 1987 graduated with a first class BA Hons Degree followed by an MA Degree in 1988. Since graduating I have continued to explore my creative vocation and the increasing popularity of my work stems from my ability to appeal to a wide audience. I am also a full member of the Arts Society of Ulster who honoured my work with two awards in recent years.

My artwork consists of an ongoing analysis of my observations and interaction with time and place. Through the use of bold and courageous handling of paint, complimented by areas of tender tranquillity, these vibrant paintings convey a visual excitement with an emotional or even spiritual atmosphere. My paintings are created through a process of action and reaction, each image evolves through the exploration of form and space along with the influence of light to create intrigue and atmosphere. I also employ the energy of colour to add a visual poetry with the aim of making an emotive connection with the viewer.

Throughout my career I have produced many private and varied commissions including treasured portraits of loved ones for many clients. Early in my career, in collaboration with Mark Ainsworth, I was commissioned to produce two abstract paintings for the set of the BBC television drama “Monkeys” about John De Lorean. I continue to exhibit new work in various galleries and many of my paintings and drawings can be found in private collections throughout the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Canada, Australia and USA.